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Printed & Unprinted Laminated Films

Colorado Label & Packaging, Inc. (CLP) can produce a variety of flexible film products to take your product to market and build your brand:

CLP has the in-house technologies to produce laminated print and reverse trapped print to meet the demands of any client. We have the capability to provide clients with small, medium or large production runs, giving our clients more flexibility with their products. The key to our success is our dedication to client satisfaction.

Packaging Films

Printed flexible packaging is becoming more commonplace as companies strive to become “greener” by reducing the amount of material used. The better barrier properties of flexible packaging also help to increase shelf life. Packaging films are certified “food grade” and are appropriate for a variety of product industries.  We print and supply unprinted sealable barrier roll stock films for flow-wrappers, side seal and sachet packaging.  We also can provide printed pre-made side gusset or flat bag options.

Laminating Structures

CLP has offline laminating capabilities of up to 3 layers to provide the appropriate properties and barriers for your packaging requirements.  We can provide these structures printed or unprinted. 

Lidding Films

CLP produces film, foil or paper lids for a variety of containers, such as yogurt containers, dry snack foods, tofu and more. 

If you are interested in learning more about the flexible film packaging options at Colorado Label & Packaging, Inc., please contact one of our experienced representatives today.